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Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Body Glove

Seasons Greetings from Body Glove!  It's not too late to treat your phone to a Body Glove case this holiday season!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Body Glove Zero 360 Case

If you want to protect your phone without adding the extra bulk of conventional phone cases, then Zero 360° is the perfect case for you. At only 5 mm, this case is as thin as three strands of human hair or the thickness of a penny!
Part of the reasoning behind the name Zero 360° is that the case wraps around the device completely, or 360°.  The Capacitive Touch Through (CTT™) technology allows you to protect your touchscreen and use it as though nothing was there. 

Zero 360° is completely clear, which allows you to show off the design of your device.  Whether sporting a shiny logo or colorful finish, your device is sure to get the attention it deserves while still achieving first rate protection.

The scratch-resistant coating on Zero 360° means you can feel safe bringing your phone wherever you go.  There are cutouts that allow access to buttons and ports so that you can use all of the functionality of your phone and not have to remove the case.  If you love the look of your phone and want protection without the added bulk, then this is the case for you!  This case is available on the Body Glove Mobile Website or at AT&T.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Revamped Body Glove Mobile Homepage

The Body Glove Mobile website has a whole new look!  Check out our newly revamped homepage and consider purchasing a Body Glove phone case as a holiday gift!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iPhone 4S Cases at Sprint

In addition to the new cases offered on the BodyGloveMobile website described in an earlier post, there are more styles of iPhone 4/4S cases located in Sprint stores and on the Sprint website.

The Purple Argyle Case is a slim, hard shell case wrapped in durable custom plaid fabric. The stylish case protects your device from nicks and scratches while allowing access to ports and buttons. The subtle texture makes the case easy to grip, yet it is slick enough to easily slip into a purse or pocket. 

The Blue Fringe Case is a clear, hard shell case to show off the design of your phone with soft touch grips on the sides.  The case snaps onto your device to deliver first-rate protection from nicks and scratches, while allowing access to ports and buttons. The scratch-resistant coating helps to keep the case looking new over time, and the soft touch grips makes the case comfortable to hold. 

The Gentleman Case is a hard-shell case with a unique wood and leather design molded into the case. Its ultra-thin profile makes it easy to slide into your pocket. The Gentleman case is the perfect way to add protection and show off your own style. 

The Red Icon Case is a hard shell case with a metallic soft touch top and black soft touch bottom.  Black chrome accents complete the stylish look.  The slim hard shell offers durable protection from bumps and scratches, and the soft touch finish makes the case easy to grip.  The two-piece slide-on design is great for docking!  The Icon case in Sprint is red, but a blue or grey version can be found at
The Black Kickstand Case features a slim popout kickstand for vertical or horizontal viewing.  Initially the case appears to be a thin hard shell with soft touch paint for a comfortable grip.  However, a stand easily pops out when desired and hides away flush with the case when not in use.  This case is available in black at Sprint, but is in red or blue on the Body Glove Mobile website.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Body Glove Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotion

Happy Holidays!  Body Glove Mobile would like to kick off the holiday celebration by offering our loyal followers a great deal Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Simply enter in the code "holiday" when checking out at from 11/25 through 11/28, and you will receive 50% off your total purchase!  This promotion only excludes cases in the Hot Deals section and replacement parts.  Make sure to take advantage of this great offer and spread the word to friends and family!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Body Glove Premier Folio

The Body Glove Premier Folio is available for the Acer Iconia at AT&T stores and on the AT&T website.  It provides all-around protection for your tablet.  The durable faux leather exterior is soft to the touch and protects the screen from scratches.  The velvety interior lining is screen-friendly.  The Premier Folio also folds into two different stand positions for horizontal viewing or a typing mode.  It can be purchased on the AT&T Acer Iconia Body Glove Premier Folio product page.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Body Glove Case Spotted on TV Show

A Body Glove case was spotted on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Show!  Check out the volunteer sporting his Body Glove Argyle Case for the HTC Merge on the episode that aired on October 28, 2011. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

New Body Glove Cases

Samsung Nexus Prime
Samsung Focus Flash

Body Glove has protective solutions for all the hottest new devices.  Diamond cases in either purple or black are available for the HTC Evo Design 4G/Hero S.   Icon cases are available in red or grey for the HTC Rezound and in silver, blue, or purple for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime).  The HTC Rhyme has a Vibe with stand case in either black or purple, and the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (Sprint) has a Fade (Stripes) case with stand.  A flexible gel case is available for the LG Marquee/Optimus Black, as well as the Motorola Atrix 2. A flexible gel case with side grips is available for the Samsung Focus Flash.  We also have a grey soft touch slide-on case for the Motorola Photon/Electrify, and a blue soft touch case for the Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S II
Captivate Glide.  
HTC Evo Design 4G
Our more traditional Flex Snap-on Case with Clipstand is available for the Samsung Illusion and with a chrome front snap-on piece for the Samsung Stratosphere.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Find Body Glove at CES

Body Glove will once again have a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 10-13.  Come visit our booth located at the South Hall 3, booth number 31129, to see our newest and most innovative products.  In the meantime, don't forget to check out our website!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Body Glove iPhone 4S Cases

The fifth generation of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S, launches on Friday, October 14.  Body Glove already has 6 new cases that fit the iPhone 4S (for all carriers).  We are now ready to unveil the newest additions to our iPhone case family, which are available for pre-order on our website.

Soft Touch Case with Hideaway Stand:

The iPhone 4/4S Soft Touch Case with Hideaway Stand features a slim popout kickstand for vertical or horizontal viewing.  Initially the case appears to be a thin hard shell with soft touch paint for a comfortable grip.  However, a stand easily pops out when desired and hides away flush with the case when not in use.


Diamond Case:
 The iPhone 4/4S Diamond Case  provides
dual layers of protection for your phone.  The outside of the Diamond Case is a hard, glossy shell to prevent exterior damage such as nicks and scratches.  Inside the case, a soft gel liner provides shock absorbing protection.  The slim case slides easily into a pocket or purse.

Icon Case:
The iPhone 4/4S Icon Case is a hard shell case with a metallic soft touch top and black soft touch bottom.  Black chrome accents complete the stylish look.  The slim hard shell offers durable protection from bumps and scratches, and the soft touch finish makes the case easy to grip.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Launch of Next-Generation iPhone

The wait is coming to an end!  Apple officially announced that it will be revealing details about the next-generation iPhone on October 4 at 10 am.  For more details, click here.

Body Glove Mobile has already started developing solutions for the new-generation iPhone, so stay tuned for more information!  Body Glove Mobile currently offers several options of iPhone 4 cases on its website.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Body Glove Mobile Runs a 5K Race for City of Hope

On Friday, September 16, four employees of the Body Glove Mobile team participated in a 5K run hosted by Fellowes, Inc for the City of Hope.  We showed our pride by sporting the Body Glove logo during the run.
Every year Fellowes, Inc runs a fundraiser campaign to raise money for the City of Hope, an independent biomedical research, treatment, and education institution that helps fight cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases.  The 5K Race was part of this fundraising campaign.

Race participants received donations from sponsors to participate in the race.  The total amount raised from the Fellowes City of Hope Run was $2,522!

Overall, the race was a huge success, and Body Glove Mobile represented the brand well!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Winner of Kindle and Body Glove Sleeve

The winner of the raffle to win a free Kindle and Body Glove Sleeve is...Brandi Herring!  Brandi, please contact to claim your prize!

Thank you to everyone for participating.  We increased the number of followers by approximately 70 people as a result of the promotion.  Please continue to spread the word about our new blog!

In the spirit of the raffle, we thought we'd share some of our eReader Cases with you!

The Protective E-Reader and Tablet Sleeve features interior blue bubble lining for ultra protection.  It is made of durable materials with a secure zipper closure.

The Elite E-Reader and Tablet Sleeve has the same bubble lining and zipper closure, but it is taller to fit larger e-Readers.  It also features a black and gray design with a back zip pocket for additional accessory storage.

 Last but not least, the Kindle 2 Glove Snap-on Case has a durable hard shell wrapped in a textured glove material that is easy to grip and protects your Kindle from scratches.  It is built as the perfect fit for the Kindle 2 with access to all buttons and ports.  As an extra bonus, it comes with 2 screen protectors!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Few Days to Win a Kindle

Just a friendly reminder that this Wednesday, August 31st is the last day to enter into the contest to win a free Kindle with a Body Glove sleeve!  All you have to do to be eligible is become a follower of this blog.  Spread the word, and check out our e-Reader cases!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stylish Body Glove Cell Phone Cases

Body Glove Mobile is well-known for the Glove Snap-on Case, but did you know that Body Glove makes a variety of other stylish cell phone cases as well?  See below for a brief description of just a few of the other case styles offered: 

The Texter Case provides protection, typing grips, and a stand option in one easy to use case.  Ergo-grips slide out for comfortable typing/gaming and also function as a horizontal viewing stand. When not needed, the grips hide away to slip easily into a pocket or purse.

The Argyle Case  is a slim, hard shell case wrapped in durable custom plaid fabric. It protects your device from nicks and scratches while allowing access to ports and buttons. The subtle texture makes the case easy to grip, yet it is slick enough to easily slip into a purse or pocket.


The Diamond case features two layers of protection while displaying a stylish look. The outside of the case is a hard, glossy shell with a textured rubbery band. The inside of the case has a soft, rubbery liner that is shock-absorbing for additional protection.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Body Glove Blog Promotion

We have a great promotion for our loyal fans!  If you are a follower of our blog by the last day in August, you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE KINDLE with a Body Glove Sleeve.  Make sure to spread the word and invite your friends!

We have several options of e-Reader Cases for protection!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Body Glove Pride

We have a lot of pride in our brand, and we're not alone!  Justin Timberlake was spotted sporting a Body Glove wetsuit - Link to Article.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Secret to Taking Off Your Body Glove Case

We hope that you never want to take off your Body Glove case, but fortunately for you we are more grounded than that!  The secret to removing your Body Glove Case is below:

  1. Locate the coin slots on your case.  The coin slots are the thin slits on the sides of the cases
  2. Insert a coin such as a dime or a nickel (we’ve heard from some consumers that the plug included also works) into the coin slot
  3. Twist the coin inside the slot until the two pieces pop off the device
  4. Peel the top section off the device, and then remove the device from the bottom portion
  5. If you still have difficulties, check for more coin slots.  Some cases have several depending on the size and shape of the case.
  6. If you still have concerns, e-mail or call our customer service team at or 877-300-7723.

The image instructions above can also be found under the instructions tab for each specific Cell Phone Case.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Testimonials From Our Fans

We thought it would be fun to share with you some of the comments we have received from our customers.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Grips of Steel

“Body Glove: I wanted to let your company know about an incident that happened to me on vacation that could have been a disaster were it not for the Body Glove case on my T-Mobile G2.

I went to Puerto Rico on vacation this spring, and when I was getting into my aunt's car as we were checking out of their hotel, I put my phone on the roof of the car.  We were so busy loading luggage and people in the minivan that I totally forgot where my phone was.

It wasn't until my cousin had asked me to go online and help her check-in to her flight that I realized that I had left my phone on the roof. We had already travelled a few miles, through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, albeit slowly due to traffic. I gasped, and had resigned myself to the fact that I had lost my phone.

My cousin said I should check on the top of the car, just to be sure. At the next stop light, I opened the door, and reached my surprise, my phone was still there! My heart raced as I was reunited with my beloved phone.

I truly believe that if I didn't have your product protecting my phone, I would have lost my phone and had a terrible end to my otherwise wonderful vacation. Thank you from an extremely satisfied customer.”

José M. Torres Jr.

Scratch-Free Protection

“Just wanted you guys to know that at some point last night my blackberry fell off of my motorcycle and onto interstate 91. Hours after realizing this I back tracked and found the smashed case in the middle of the highway. My heart was in my throat at this point, when I saw my blackberry in the curb area without a single scratch. Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product.”


Survives all Elements

“Hello! I am writing to let you know how LUCKY I am to have purchased your case for the Blackberry Curve. I am currently in Las Vegas because my father is having open heart surgery and as a result I've had a lot on my mind. I left my phone on the bumper of my Tahoe. I traveled 15 miles in 112 degree heat on the freeway to the hospital and much to my amazement the phone was still there, where I left it!!! If it wasn't for the grip and durability of your cover I would be without my phone and the priceless pictures of my son.
So thank you Body Glove for making a QUALITY PRODUCT! “


Fits Like a Glove
“I wanted to write your company to share how delighted I am with the Glove Snap-On for HTC® Touch Pro II. I don't normally take the opportunity to do this, but then I'm not easily impressed. This is an exquisitely rare exception.

The Glove Snap-On fits my phone like a - well, I'll say it - glove. At first I was worried that the connection to the belt clip would fail due to the heavier than usual weight of the HTC Touch Pro II (another fine product, I might add). Yet the build quality and perfect fit have proven my fears to be unfounded. The case is surprisingly sturdy - and the rubberized texture provides an excellent grip to keep the device from fumbling out of my hands. I recently purchased a memory card for the phone and had to remove the case to install it. The fit was so tight, I was worried I might damage it during removal. But I simply slipped a credit card in between the phone and the cover and it popped right off. Then - as has been the case with other cases I've tried - I became concerned that it wouldn't re-install as tightly as before. Not the case. It still hugs my phone snug as when I bought it.

Just wanted you to know you have a very pleased customer.”


To view some of the cases discussed, visit our website, Body Glove Mobile.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitted Cell Phone Cases: the Backbone of Body Glove Mobile

While Body Glove Mobile makes multiple protective solutions for consumer electronics, the most popular product line is fitted cell phone cases. The most recognizable case within this line is the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand.

For those who aren’t already a loyal Body Glove Mobile fan, the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand is a custom fit phone case that features a protective hard shell covered in a textured glove material. The rubbery texture is easy to grip and protects your phone from scratches. This case features our patented all-in-one clip system, which includes a removable knob for a low profile and a rapid release clip with an adjustable built-in kickstand. This allows your phone to be worn on your belt, propped up with the kickstand, or slipped into your pocket effortlessly!

For those of you who already know these cases well, I thought I’d share some details about the Glove Snap-on Case that you might not know:

1. Currently this style of case is offered on 54 different cell phone devices on Body Glove Mobile!
2. Ever wonder how we came up with the name “Glove”? “Glove” was chosen because these cases “fit like a glove” and are modeled based on the grippy texture that many high-end gloves sport.
3. The Body Glove Mobile product development team used the following common items for inspiration while developing the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand:

4. Body Glove Mobile sold its first Glove Snap-on Case in September 2007 and still sells some today!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to the Body Glove Mobile Blog!

           Welcome to the official Body Glove Mobile blog!  We received such great feedback from our fans that we thought we would create a place where Body Glove Mobile users can get together to share stories about their cases and be the first to hear about our newest cutting-edge products, the latest market trends, and upcoming hot promotions.
            Since this is our first post, we’d like to take the time to tell you about who we are and share our story.  The Body Glove brand originated in 1953 with the invention of the wetsuit.  Since then, the brand has expanded beyond wetsuits to include active lifestyle products that offer superior protection.  The Body Glove Mobile group is a small, entrepreneurial team within Fellowes Inc, which owns the exclusive rights to sell technology accessories under the Body Glove brand.  We have a very progressive, fast-paced team in order to respond quickly to the latest consumer electronics and give YOU the best protective solution. We create solutions for the trendiest new devices under categories such as cell phone cases, iPad cases, tablet cases, e-Reader cases and more! We have an equity-driven platform that focuses on three pillars:
1.      Style
2.      Fit
3.      Performance
You’ll notice that all of our products embody these three values, as does each employee on the Body Glove Mobile team.

            We would like to welcome you to our Body Glove Mobile family and hope that you love our products as much as we do.  Feel free to comment on any posts as we share our promotions, insights into upcoming innovative protective solutions, and knowledge into what we think is coming next in this fast-paced industry.  Check out our website, Body Glove Mobile Accessories, and stay tuned until our next post!