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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stylish Body Glove Cell Phone Cases

Body Glove Mobile is well-known for the Glove Snap-on Case, but did you know that Body Glove makes a variety of other stylish cell phone cases as well?  See below for a brief description of just a few of the other case styles offered: 

The Texter Case provides protection, typing grips, and a stand option in one easy to use case.  Ergo-grips slide out for comfortable typing/gaming and also function as a horizontal viewing stand. When not needed, the grips hide away to slip easily into a pocket or purse.

The Argyle Case  is a slim, hard shell case wrapped in durable custom plaid fabric. It protects your device from nicks and scratches while allowing access to ports and buttons. The subtle texture makes the case easy to grip, yet it is slick enough to easily slip into a purse or pocket.


The Diamond case features two layers of protection while displaying a stylish look. The outside of the case is a hard, glossy shell with a textured rubbery band. The inside of the case has a soft, rubbery liner that is shock-absorbing for additional protection.



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