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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Cases

Are you looking for a fun stylish protective case for your NEW Samsung Galaxy S® III?  Body Glove Mobile has a variety of cases available now!!  Please check out our website and click on the Samsung Galaxy S® III banner to see everything we have to offer.  Don’t forget, we offer FREE shipping!,1205034,1204552,3529695.aspx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Body Glove Cases at Wal-Mart

Over the years, the Body Glove presence at Wal-Mart has been rapidly expanding.  Next week there will a reset where a complete selection of new Body Glove cases will become available in Wal-Mart stores near you.

Body Glove offers custom-fit protection where and when you need it.  There will be a variety of case designs for several devices.  A Grasp DuraGel Case features impact resistant protection in a sleek design for the iPhone 4 & 4S, HTC Vivid, HTC One S, Motorola Droid RAZR, Samsung Infuse, Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant, and T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II. Textured gel cases for additional style and grip are available for the Pantech Burst, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Body Glove DropSuit rugged case with a shock dissipation system can be found for the Pantech Burst, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, and Samsung Epic Touch 4G.  A Smooth Hardshell Case with soft touch finish is available for devices such as the HTC Inspire 4G, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Vivid, HTC Evo, HTC One S, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid RAZR, Samsung Captivate Glide, and Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant.  The iPhone 4 & 4S Diamond Case features dual layered protection with a trendy design.  The iPhone 3 Vibe Case has a scratch resistant high gloss finish.  Finally, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G Kickback Case has a soft touch finish with a popout kickstand for horizontal or vertical viewing.  Look no further than Body Glove to fulfill your case needs!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Body Glove Metallic Alloy Case with Stand

There's something very attractive about metals.  Whether it's the shine, the symbol of value, or the slick surface, metal is sure to catch your eye.  The new Body Glove Alloy Case takes all the great features of metal and combines them into one stylish case.

The Body Glove Alloy Case with Stand features a smooth, metallic finish that is sure to make heads turn.  A slim stand easily pops out for horizontal or vertical viewing and hides away flush with the case when not in use.  This case currently is currently available in graphite for the Samsung Aviator and will soon come in a variety of metallic colors for other devices.

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Sprint Cases

Body Glove just received three new cases placements at Sprint retail stores!

The iPhone 4 & 4S Tactic Case features dual layer protection in a sleek design!  The inside of the case is composed of a an impact resistant gel material, and the exterior is a hard shell to defend against bumps and scratches.  Gel side grips provide extra cushioning and make the case comfortable to hold.

The iPhone 4 & 4S Mosaic Gel Case offers stylish protection.  This slim case is easy to grip and shields your phone from drops and other mishaps.  It is made of a durable, wear-resistant material that helps absorb impact.  The unique embossed pattern adds an extra fashion element to make heads turn.

The Galaxy Nexus Icon Case has a two-piece design for easy removal.  The metallic soft touch top and black soft touch bottom are comfortable to hold and easy to grip.  Silver chrome accents complete the stylish look.  The hard shell exterior offers protection against bumps, drops, and more.

Check out these designs in your nearest Sprint store!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Body Glove Icon Hybrid Case

The Body Glove Icon Hybrid Case provides multiple layers of protection and color.  The inside layer is a durable gel case that provides shock absorbing protection and contains the unique feature of an embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria, and other microorganisms.  The outside layer is a 2 piece hard shell that helps defend your phone against bumps, scratches, and more.  The easy-apply rail system ensures that this case is compatible with screen protectors such as WriteRight.  Spice up your look with a pop of color and multi-layered protection.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spice up your Easter Basket with Body Glove

Bored with Easter candy?  Spice up your Easter basket this year with some Body Glove cases!  The small, but protective cases are the perfect size for an Easter basket and a great way to add some color.  Try out our Icon cases for devices such as the LG Spectrum, HTC Rezound, Galaxy Nexus, and more!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Body Glove Anti-Microbial Cases

* Did you know that....
  • 30% of a virus can be transferred from the screen of a device to your fingers
  • Mobile phones are covered with up to 18 times more bacteria than a toilet handle
  • People can get sick from the bacteria found on phones, including colds, flu viruses, E. coli, and Norovirus
Protect your phone against these menacing germs!  Body Glove Anti-Microbial cases can help provide the protection you need to make sure that you aren't contributing to one of those statistics.  These cases contain the unique feature of an embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, molds, mildews, and other micro-organisms.  Composed of a durable gel material, these cases provide shock absorbing protection and defend your phone against bumps and scratches.  The unique design complements your lifestyle and features a subtle texture to enhance grip.

Body Glove Anti-Microbial cases are available in several patterns and for a variety of devices, including the Samsung Focus Flash, Pantech Burst, and LG Nitro HD at AT&T stores and the Body Glove website.  Protect your phone with the microbe-fighting action and impact resistant material of these multi-layered gel cases.

*Bacteria Factoids Source: "Touch Screens, Cell Phones Can Make you Sick." CBS News. 18 October 2010.