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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Body Glove Extra Large Universal Phone Case at RadioShack

In addition to fitted cell phone cases, Body Glove also sells universal cases designed to accommodate a variety of devices.  Due to an increase in overall phone sizes, Body Glove launched a new universal phone case that fits large smartphones and even some phones in fitted cases.

The XL Smartphone Case can be found in RadioShack stores for $24.99.  The XL Smartphone Case is made of an executive, durable material that is easy to grip.  A low profile belt clip attaches to your belt, pocket, or purse for instant phone release.  This case has a horizontal orientation with a magnetic closure for easy phone access.  The extra large size accommodates a variety of phones, including the HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Infuse, Motorola Droid phones, Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and more. 

The Body Glove XL Smartphone Case is currently available in a black color in RadioShack stores, and next month it will also be available in brown in RadioShack stores.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Body Glove Customer Feedback

Thank you to our fans for sharing these great stories with us.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Road Warrior

My name is Albert Rossi and I live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. A couple of months ago I bought one of your Body Gloves for my new Nokia C7 mobile phone and it has proved, in more ways than one, to have been a super safety shield for it. Other than the couple of times I’ve dropped it the one that stands out the most is absolutely unbelievable. It happened last week when I had to pick up my wife’s birthday present in the northern suburbs which is a 38km drive through residential areas, some with speed bumps and robots as well as two highways, one on which I drove at 140km per hour for at least 10km. During the trip I wanted to make a quick call but soon realized that I didn’t have the phone with me. I couldn’t understand this as I remembered going back into my house to fetch it. Anyway, I reached my destination some 45 minutes later and, after parking the car, walked to the rear end towards the entrance to the shopping mall. I could not believe my eyes. There in front of me, lying on top of my car boot, was my Nokia C7. Safe and sound and exactly on the same spot I had left it back at home. It was only then that I remembered placing it there while I picked up some brushes that had fallen off my garage wall. You could have floored me. Never in a thousand years would I have thought that a mobile phone would have stayed on top of a car boot while it was moving, going over speed bumps in the residential areas, turning 90 degree corners, stopping and starting at robots and traveling at high speeds along the highway and for so long a distance.

I can only say WELL DONE to your company for having produced a product that over excels itself in the task at hand. I haven’t stopped telling this story to all my friends and family and it really was an amazing experience. Some have even said that they were also going to buy one. Ha! Ha! Not that I think they would be as silly as me and place their phone on the body of their car J.

Drop Protection

I am writing to inform you that almost a year ago I purchased an iPhone 4 from AT&T and a Body Glove hard case for my new phone.  Just about a week ago I dropped my phone screen side down, and when I picked up my phone I was very pleased to find that case itself had cracked in one location and another part of the case actually broke off, but my phone was perfectly okay.  I am so thankful that I purchased your product; it completely saved a very expensive phone.  Since then I have told everyone I know with an iPhone about your product.  You have a lifelong customer because of this.  Thank you.

Winter Survival

I wanted to let you know that I have a Body Glove case for my Sidekick.  What an amazing product.  I dropped my cell, on Monday, in our horrible snow.  Someone called my phone and when I found it, it was face down on the tar.  I had stepped on it in the dark.  What a horrible way to start my day.  In any event, there was no damage to the phone.  The only bad part was the loss of the frame for the screen side.  I am so glad I have this product for my phone, and thanks to T-Mobile for recommending it!

Body Glove Case vs Steel Door

I am in the Air Force as a Law Enforcement Officer.  Sunday night, I had to make forced entry through a steel door.  I shoulder blocked the door to gain entry.  After all was said and done, I realized my mobile phone was in the shoulder pocket of my jacket.  I took a breath and took out my phone......NOT A SCRATCH.  The Body Glove case kept my phone from being destroyed.  Any case that can withstand the impact between a closed steel door and a 240 pound person not once but twice definitely get two thumbs up in my book.  I am on call constantly and I depend on my mobile phone.  Cops tend to give equipment a run for its money and my phone is no different.  The Body Glove case prevents me from destroying my phone which without it, would never take the abuse.  Again, I would like to commend you on an outstanding product.  Keep up the good work and thank you for your support.

Body Glove Case vs 450 lb Calf

 Working with cattle this morning, I got kicked by a 450 lb calf...right in my phone.  I figured when I pulled it out of my pocket it'd just be junk.  My HTC Desire was perfect!  A hunk out of the Body Glove case, but it did its job very well!  Thanks!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Introducing the Body Glove DropSuit Rugged Case

Body Glove's rugged cases are designed to keep your device safe in the harshest of environments.  Our cases are made of durable materials that help absorb impact and provide protection against drops, bumps, scratches, and more. 

The Body Glove DropSuit rugged case is designed to provide protection where and when you need it.  DropSuit is made of a durable gel material that resists the battles of everyday life.  The case has reinforced corners with a unique shock dissipation system to absorb impact and defend against bumps and drops.  The strategically placed side bumpers provide a secure grip and added drop protection.  And if protecting your device from the rigors of life wasn’t good enough, DropSuit even provides protection from the elements you can’t see.  The case includes an embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria, and other microorganisms.  DropSuit is now available for pre-order on the Body Glove Mobile website in purple and charcoal.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

T-Mobile Fundraiser with Body Glove

As you may already know, today is National Wear Red Day!  Today and the whole month of February are dedicated  to creating awareness about the number one health risk to men and women - heart disease.  Body Glove and T-Mobile have joined forces to help support this great cause. For every Body Glove HTC Amaze Red Vibe Case that you purchase at T-Mobile stores in the month of February, T-Mobile is going to donate $1 to the Hope Heart Institute.  The Hope’s research and educational programs help fund cutting-edge science, new clinical research, and prevention outreach to those who need it most.  Help support this great cause by purchasing the red Body Glove HTC Amaze case at T-Mobile stores nationwide!  To learn more, visit

The Body Glove Red Vibe Case for the HTC Amaze is a slim hard shell with a bold, high gloss finish.  A scratch resistant coating maintains a new and clean look over time.  As an added bonus, the case has a slim popout stand for horizontal or vertical viewing.