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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Body Glove Cases at Wal-Mart

Over the years, the Body Glove presence at Wal-Mart has been rapidly expanding.  Next week there will a reset where a complete selection of new Body Glove cases will become available in Wal-Mart stores near you.

Body Glove offers custom-fit protection where and when you need it.  There will be a variety of case designs for several devices.  A Grasp DuraGel Case features impact resistant protection in a sleek design for the iPhone 4 & 4S, HTC Vivid, HTC One S, Motorola Droid RAZR, Samsung Infuse, Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant, and T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II. Textured gel cases for additional style and grip are available for the Pantech Burst, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Body Glove DropSuit rugged case with a shock dissipation system can be found for the Pantech Burst, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, and Samsung Epic Touch 4G.  A Smooth Hardshell Case with soft touch finish is available for devices such as the HTC Inspire 4G, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Vivid, HTC Evo, HTC One S, T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II, Motorola Droid RAZR, Samsung Captivate Glide, and Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant.  The iPhone 4 & 4S Diamond Case features dual layered protection with a trendy design.  The iPhone 3 Vibe Case has a scratch resistant high gloss finish.  Finally, the Samsung Epic Touch 4G Kickback Case has a soft touch finish with a popout kickstand for horizontal or vertical viewing.  Look no further than Body Glove to fulfill your case needs!


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