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Friday, June 24, 2011

Fitted Cell Phone Cases: the Backbone of Body Glove Mobile

While Body Glove Mobile makes multiple protective solutions for consumer electronics, the most popular product line is fitted cell phone cases. The most recognizable case within this line is the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand.

For those who aren’t already a loyal Body Glove Mobile fan, the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand is a custom fit phone case that features a protective hard shell covered in a textured glove material. The rubbery texture is easy to grip and protects your phone from scratches. This case features our patented all-in-one clip system, which includes a removable knob for a low profile and a rapid release clip with an adjustable built-in kickstand. This allows your phone to be worn on your belt, propped up with the kickstand, or slipped into your pocket effortlessly!

For those of you who already know these cases well, I thought I’d share some details about the Glove Snap-on Case that you might not know:

1. Currently this style of case is offered on 54 different cell phone devices on Body Glove Mobile!
2. Ever wonder how we came up with the name “Glove”? “Glove” was chosen because these cases “fit like a glove” and are modeled based on the grippy texture that many high-end gloves sport.
3. The Body Glove Mobile product development team used the following common items for inspiration while developing the Glove Snap-on Case with Clipstand:

4. Body Glove Mobile sold its first Glove Snap-on Case in September 2007 and still sells some today!

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