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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Secret to Taking Off Your Body Glove Case

We hope that you never want to take off your Body Glove case, but fortunately for you we are more grounded than that!  The secret to removing your Body Glove Case is below:

  1. Locate the coin slots on your case.  The coin slots are the thin slits on the sides of the cases
  2. Insert a coin such as a dime or a nickel (we’ve heard from some consumers that the plug included also works) into the coin slot
  3. Twist the coin inside the slot until the two pieces pop off the device
  4. Peel the top section off the device, and then remove the device from the bottom portion
  5. If you still have difficulties, check for more coin slots.  Some cases have several depending on the size and shape of the case.
  6. If you still have concerns, e-mail or call our customer service team at or 877-300-7723.

The image instructions above can also be found under the instructions tab for each specific Cell Phone Case.


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